Wolfkin: A Review of the Slot

Wolfkin are “nonhuman and non-wolf fantasy creatures that have features of a wolf,” as defined by the internet, the current font of information. Wolfkin is an online slot from Red Tiger Software based in a world inhabited by wolves and, um, a scantily dressed lady (definition courtesy of Wiktionary). In addition to this offbeat combination of features, Wolfkin also offers a full-reel Wolfkin super wild, free spins with the full-reel wild locked in place, and a Wolven Flame wild symbol conversion feature.

First impressions were favorable upon entering this territory frequented by wolves and their kind. Wolfkin’s complex visual style should pique the curiosity of fantasy-inclined gamers, while Red Tiger has a unique way of throwing pixels together. Wolfkin has dog allusions, as well as Celtic overtones, to heighten the sense of mystery. Gold coins litter the ground, broad heavy chains wind out into the distance, and hulking statues stand on one side of the game grid in this outdoor treasure area. The game’s tagline, “Awaken the wolves to earn their gold,” may pique players’ interest or cause them to scratch their heads because it’s not made clear how or why the wolves came into possession of such wealth.

Wolfkin’s 5-reel, 4-row game grid, along with 25 fixed paylines, is located smack dab in the heart of this peculiar environment. To win a prize, a combination of pay symbols on neighboring reels from left to right along a payline is required. Wolfkin is a somewhat risky game with two distinct strategies. You may either go for it with a bet of 10p/c to £/€100 every spin, or you can buy one of two additional features. The first method has an RTP of 95.72% by default, while the second may be increased to 95.73% by purchasing additional features.

The length of winning combos can range from three symbols to five symbols. When a hand contains five of a kind, the payout ranges from 0.8 to 1.6 times the wager for the lower-paying clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades, to 3.2 to 12 times the wager for the higher-paying rings, necklaces, knives, horns, and chalices. The game has two wild symbols: a golden Wolf Wild and a 1×4 super wild, sometimes known as a Wolfkin. The Wolfkin super wild only appears on the third reel and turns all Stone Wolf scatters into Wolf Wilds if they appear in view at the same time. When five Wolf Wilds form a winning line, the payout is 12 times the wager.

Slot Functions: Wolfkin

This section of the review will be rather short as there aren’t many complex elements to discuss (the Wolven Flame, free spins, and extra buys).

Dragon Fire

The Wolfkin may flap her wings during a spin, wiping the reels clean of some of the symbols that have fallen there. After this happens, the only thing that will fall to the ground is Stone Wolf scatters, which the Wolfkin will turn into Wolf Wilds. On a single round, the Wolven Flame cannot activate more than once.

Bonus Turns

If the scatters for free games appear on the first, third, and fifth reels, you’ll win seven free games. You can’t get scatters and Wolfkin super wilds on the same spin in the main game. The Wolfkin super wild will remain in place on the center reel during the free spins round. If scatters appear on reels 1 and 5, you’ll win an extra 3 free games.

Premium Offer

Two features in Wolfkin may be purchased instantly by using the buy button. If you land one of them, you’ll either receive a Wolfkin super wild worth 10 times your stake or access to 80 free spins.

Slot Verdict by Wolfkin

Wolfkin’s popularity quickly declined after a positive initial reaction. This happened after checking out the game’s paytable and watching it in action. Wolfkin’s fantasy/wolf theme may set it apart from other Red Tiger slots, but I couldn’t help but think of other titles, such as Trillionaire, Hammer of Gods, Ancient’s Blessing, 1942 Sky Warrior, Agent Royale, War of Gods, and so on, as I was playing. When we looked behind their hyper-shiny exteriors, we found that they all had the same lack of significant depth and firepower. Games that were initially engaging but lacked any substantial meat to build on the initial excitement.

As a result, whatever interest there was in Wolfkin quickly faded, like dog drool on a hot sidewalk. It’s visually pleasing, and if the concept of a mystery woman living amid a pack of wolves seems intriguing, Wolfkin may be the means by which interested players are transported to a fantastical world. Despite what the game description may imply, these wolves do not possess a particularly large amount of treasure. The best this beast can achieve at full power, roaring, changing, and whatever else it may be capable of, is a rather low 784.double your money on the table.

With such a low number, there isn’t much to pull gamers into Wolfkin’s universe if they aren’t already absolutely captivated with it. Wilds and wild conversions are responsible for the majority of excitement, but they lacked the capacity to truly set the board ablaze. Wolfkin is visually appealing while it lasts and has an intriguing premise, but it ultimately falls short of its potential.

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