The 45th president already has the record for having the most twitchy Twitter fingers in history.

Trump does not mind cutting up his tirades into bite-sized, 140-character capsules of emotion, whether he is commenting on the statements of famous movie stars at an award event, satirical comedy programs, or a luxury merchant removing his daughter’s shoes and handbags due to poor sales.


How likely is it that Trump will reply on Twitter? What topics infuriate him the most, and who is he most likely to confront? We analyzed over 30,000 tweets, retweets, and quotations from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW’s largest Twitter user to see what motivates the MAGA-man. Read on to find out what we discovered.

President Trump has lost his ability to relax, at least for the time being. Since the third quarter of 2016, or July and August, the majority of his nasty tweets have been directed towards The New York Times.



Trump’s attacks on the New York Times, which he referred to as “fake news,” comprised nearly 6 percent of his tweets throughout this period. This rose to almost 11% at the end of 2016, and he maintained this rate at the start of 2017.


The White House and the Trump administration have labeled The New York Times and numerous other news outlets as “the enemy of the people.”



The cable news source CNN has also been singled out by Trump as a part of the #fakenews alliance, with over 20% of early 2017 tweets mentioning the company. This correlates with the negative coverage of his travel prohibition by the media.


Trump is more likely to listen to you if you are a member of the media or are reporting on his policy concerns.

It’s a safe bet that Trump will tweet about Obama! Since he cited President Barack Obama over a thousand times between 2011 and 2017, he may perhaps appear somewhat obsessive. Whether it was to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the president’s birth certificate or to assert that America would not see another African-American president for centuries, his social media remarks have not been nice to his predecessor.



Is President Trump speaking directly to you? If your last name is Obama or Trump, it is a distinct possibility!

Perhaps he is simply jealous of Obama’s 59% approval rating upon leaving office. In his first 100 days in office, Trump’s approval rating plummeted as low as 35% and never surpassed 45%. Trump has criticized the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, in more than 350 tweets.


Trump was more preoccupied in mentioning himself than Obama. There were about 850 tweets that mentioned Trump in some way. Other tweets dealt with Trump rallies and news articles that praised his initiatives, such as the travel restriction.



Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” led the most often occurring word combinations in his tweets. In fact, they dominated the top three most frequent word combinations. Over a thousand tweets used the phrases “great, America”, “great, again”, and “America, again”.


Crooked Hillary Clinton spends a lot on advertisements targeting me. I am the one candidate she does not wish to face. Will be really enjoyable!


– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 17, 2016

In April 2016, Trump coined “Crooked Hillary,” his sixth most popular word combination. Additionally, he had nicknames for members of the Republican party, such Lyin’ Ted for Ted Cruz, Little Marco for Marco Rubio, and Low Energy Jeb for Jeb Bush. However, Clinton’s moniker persisted throughout her whole campaign.


Do not be shocked if the president mentions “Make America Great Again” in his tweets. He reduced it to #MAGA as a hashtag. It would be dangerous to wager that he will abandon this catchphrase in the near future.

Trump’s most caustic statements on Twitter are often directed at political opponents, media organizations, and members of the press. In fact, the three accounts he was most critical of were all media outlets: @pressjournal, @vanityfair, and @huffingtonpost. From @nydailynews to @nbcnews, eight of the top twenty most unfavorable mentions were directed towards media accounts.



The users who received the most favorable mentions tended to be relatives, celebrities, or owners of real estate. Yes, of of the top 20 users he positively referenced, six were various Trump brands: @trumpwaikiki, @trumpturnberry, @trumpgolfla, @trumplasvegas, and @trumpcollection.


If you are a member of the media or a magazine and you tweet @ Trump, there is a good chance he will answer. However, he will not speak to you with the same warmth as he does to his family and golf courses.

Other politicians were the most often referenced users in Trump’s tweets, maybe motivated by his campaign to become Republican nominee and president of the United States. Nearly 3,500 tweets either warmly or adversely mentioned another politician.



The news and media attention came afterwards. Trump has not hesitated to criticize reporters or their employers, particularly when he disagrees with the integrity of their reporting.


.@POTUS Trump’s route to the White House was remarkable. This amazing adventure continues after 50 days. Take a look 👉


– AmericaFirstPolicy (@AmericaFirstPol) Twitter March 11, 2017

Want a notice from the top executive? Engage in politics! You would be most likely to see your name in one of his tweets.

When it came to retweets and quotations, there was just one item that stood out. Trump retweeted almost 500 tweets about himself and cited over 5,500 tweets. Typically, they were publications or media sites that depicted him and his administration in a more favorable light.


You must be a member of Trump’s family in order to receive nice tweets from him. The tweets about his family were most likely to include a favorable emotion, followed by those about the United States and women’s rights. The president used positive tweets to congratulate his son and daughter-in-law on discovering the sex of their future child, as well as around his daughter Ivanka.


I am so incredibly proud of my daughter, Ivanka. To be insulted and handled so poorly by the media and still have such a high head of dignity is simply remarkable!


– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 11 February 2017

Along with terrorism and The Middle East, Russia, a topic that Trump can’t seem to escape, got the most unfavorable attitude. Nonetheless, these feelings were rather neutral, followed by immigration and, you guessed it, Hillary Clinton.


Just saw NBC and ABC’s completely biased and fabricated coverage of the so-called Russia topic. How dishonest!


23 March 2017 – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

This Russian link nonsense is only an attempt to cover up Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign’s numerous errors.


– Donald J. Trump (15 February 2017) (@realDonaldTrump)

If you want to see genuine feeling from Trump, you should join his family. However, the odds are against your ability to anger him about Russia; he may instead connect you to a news item.

Prepare to Tweet!


If you wish to receive praise from the president, it is preferable to be a member of his family, whether by blood or by ownership of one of his estates. These are the Twitter people he connects with most frequently (and favorably) while referencing other users.


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We pulled more than 30,000 tweets, retweets, and comments from Donald Trump’s Twitter account in order to determine what motivates him to post. When analyzing sentiment, the polarity rating of each word and whether it was positive (1), negative (-1) or neutral (0) was considered (0). After averaging all the words, an overall sentiment score was calculated.


Subjectivity was measured on a scale from 0 to 1, where the closer the score was to 1 the more subjective the studied text was, and the closer it was to 0 the more objective it was. Material that was predominantly positive or negative tended to be more subjective, whereas neutral text tended to be more objective.


To categorize the tweets, we evaluated the users referenced in each tweet, did a text analysis, and eliminated stop words to identify the most frequent terms and word combinations, and then categorized the main theme as one of the following:


None of the Above – Women, United States, Trump Family Member, Terrorists, Russia, Presidential Election, Other Politicians, Other Policies, Other Country, Other. The Middle East, Mexico, Media Members, Media Coverage, LGBT Concerns, Immigration, and Immigrants. Hillary Clinton possesses Foreign Policy, Health Care, and Fake News Donald Trump, China, Canada, Barack Obama, A Particular State, A Particular City


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Want to share our story in the same manner as President Trump shares posts about his inaugural crowds? Feel free to publish (or tweet) our results; but, you must include a link back to this page so that our contributors receive credit for their effort and no one suspects you of spreading #fakenews.

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