Inside we can find important moments

Stanly rinks, a review that says about the revolutionary nature of The Stanley Parable, and many buttons that say Jim, so valuable to our, apparently, deceased friend … But if you check all the buttons, then one of them will say the most cherished “Stanley”. This place brings me to tears all the time. The banal “we begin to appreciate what we have only when it is taken away from us” begins to play with new colors – death is what determines the price of the path traveled. And it all ends with a fall into an old dilapidated office with a lone computer that offers to create the illusion of life, endlessly prolonging the game, but now, having learned the significance of death, I am ready to put an end to it and turn off the game

Once in the security guard’s office, I recognize all these locations: here it is, the good old corridor to the room with children’s tables, there it is the stage on which animatronics once stood, who entertained children … But not play ones, but real ones. Many of us started with this game, together we were afraid, explored, sad, watched the growth of You Tubers who created their content based on the game. But our favorites are no longer on the stage – motionless, gaping mouths with sharp fangs, moss-covered animatronics lying anywhere at first make you tense, but then cause only a lump in your throat – this is all that remains of our old friends who will never start to chase after us, as once.

Passing by the rooms

one remembers how many plot twists and turns the series has seen, how many content makers it has given rise to, how many interesting crafts in the universe Scott Canton has created by releasing his game…  Pulling the generator switch and seeing my favorite animatronic, Foxy, I enter the elevator into the bunker, which … It seems that it should have been filled with secrets so that I would ask questions, they say, “why is the bunker under the pizzeria building?”, “What are these giant spinning blades underfoot and what lies behind them? ”, but now I just silently go to the end. And here I stand before the last task of this demo. I’m ready to accept the death of Fan. Let me hurt from this: my childhood cannot be returned. But I will never get over it.

Thoughts about how good it was in the past should serve one purpose

To remind yourself that the present, too, will soon become this very past.  In this magical way, this strange, half-finished toy from Game Jolt inspired me with nostalgia and showed me the cost of death by finishing one of my favorite games with my own hands.  But let’s be honest – these meanings were not even a hint in the demo – I created all this, filling the game with my nostalgia, thoughts and immense gratitude. I created an essay from the void, which I hope will make you think, and that is why I want to express an idea that runs through this entire text, and which Dmitry Kungurov perfectly formulated for me:

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